David Wilson

David Wilson is Director of Bradford UNESCO City of Film, where he represents the city on an international level as part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. Using the UNESCO title, David and his team are working with many partners to bring about positive social and economic impact for the people of Bradford and UK, to ensure all are realising the benefits of its status as the world’s first UNESCO City of Film. David is an international ambassador for the city, and regularly speaks and presents at film, business and community events on Bradford’s film heritage and the city’s approach as a creative city, in addition to writing about film and presenting review shows on TV and radio.

David is an expert advisor to the UK Commission to UNESCO in relation to film literacy and the development of Creative Cities and in 2019 was appointed to the Editing Committee of China’s Blue Book of Film – an annual publication on the development of the global film industry. In May 2019 David was appointed Guest Professor at the Beijing Film Academy Modern Creative Media College, Qingdao. In December 2019 David was appointed as Honorary Doctor of Technology at the University of Bradford.

Description of the speech

This presentation will give an overview of engagement with film and media archives by different user groups (public and academic). Based on existing work in Bradford carried out by the University of Bradford and Bradford UNESCO City of Film we will outline some examples of projects and methodologies relating to working with archives. This will include both community-based projects and the development of ‘media archaeology’ as a theoretical position. The presentation will suggest some methodological approaches that can be taken forward when working with film archives in the future.